About the Author

Dreams are such an interesting thing to me. Some people derive meaning from them, others simply relish in their peculiarity. I would like to think I dabble in both. I started sharing my dreams with my coworkers (as in many cases my dreams featured one or more of them) and it was only then that I realized I was lucky to not only have such crazy and wild dreams, but to be able to remember them as well.

As a result here I am to share that gift with you! Please feel free to comment with any interpretations, thoughts, or feelings you may have after reading my fantasies of the night.

*Disclaimer* Some dreams may contain NSFW or explicit material according to a few moral compasses. I do not soften or edit details to make them more reader friendly so prepare any innocent eyes for the stark reality that is Dreamland.


I am not just my blog, however. I enjoy a quiet life in the Midwest with my husband and our own little zoo of pets. I also enjoy research in astrology so that might infiltrate into my blog a little bit! Feel free to check out my Pinterest page as well for related posts!