Embarrassing Ego Boost

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What a dream to kick off with! Unfortunately this was a pretty patchy dream and I can only remember the really embarrassing parts. But as promised here they are no filter.

Setting: For some reason a few of us were in a group of about 4 people and the goal was to take a picture of my ass in some tight boy shorts underwear. We are in the parking lot of my childhood church.

In the strip of grass and trees between the parking lot and the street, we were all gathered with several other groups for this strange photo shoot. My group members’ identities were never made distinctly clear… and even morphed from person to person throughout the dream. I decided that I needed to poop and the nearest bathroom was in the church next to the kitchen. I entered the building and one of the female group members accompanied me. I opened the door to the kitchen and a few ladies were cleaning up the leftover after church cookies. One lady exclaimed: “No one ate the last Fourth of July cookie!” Not one to turn down sweets, I detoured my route and took the cookie off the tray. It was only half a sugar cookie with blue sprinkles. I winked at her and she instantly tried to offer me more cookies but I was already on my way into the bathroom. I opened the door and was instantly disappointed. It was just a room full of chairs. There were no toilets anywhere and the walls stopped about two feet before the ceiling, where quite a few boys were perched on ladders so they could look in. I squatted over a chair and began to do my business. I felt terrible for the janitorial staff that would have to clean my chair but I couldn’t hold it anymore and I had to hurry and get back to the photo shoot. Unfortunately it was not one of the easier poops and it took me a little while to get it all out while my female group member stood next to me with encouragement. A few other girls came in and peed on a chair before leaving but for the most part I was alone. I looked up at all the boys above the wall and felt terribly embarrassed. Finally finished with my business, I noticed that there was no toilet paper. I stepped up to the chair in front of me and started to use the tissue box underneath as best I could. At that point one of the cleaners came in and sighed with dismay. “Fucking gross,” she said as she stared at my work on the chair behind. I tried to ignore her. At this point memory fades and there is only patches of anything else. Some towers, the dessert, and tight boy shorts underwear.

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